randall smoot is a writer, journalist, actor,  director, teacher, and political activist who lives in Los Angeles. In an ideal world, he would spend all his time making stage plays, personal movies, literary fiction, poetry, long-form television, and – thanks, most recently, to djt – angry screeds on the state of the nation. You will find here examples of each.

This is not an ideal world. Now and in the past, randall smoot has also happily worked as a development guy for movies and TV, a script doctor, a senior editor at a publishing house, a free-lance copy editor and proofreader, a private writing tutor, an acting coach, a magazine writer and editor, a research consultant, a book and film reviewer, a dramaturge, the managing director of a theater company, and a writer and performer at the improv group in Los Angeles called The Groundlings.

randall smoot can be contacted via facebook or at randallsmoot@gmail.com.

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