A Face in the Audience at Home

a face in the crowd tv

The “star” of a reality TV show I’ve never heard of was the first speaker at a major political party convention that will nominate the “star” of a reality TV show I’ve never watched. Followed by a former TV “star” I barely remember who played a character named Chachi.

Forty percent of the US public currently indicates that they intend to vote Republican and several of my friends say they won’t vote at all because of b.s. they read on internet “news” sites that also show pics of Sasquatch and UFOs. The segment coming up on the Convention Show is a repeat of the Benghazi Miniseries, which has aired at least eight times before and was most likely produced by the makers of Swiftboat, 24, or both.

Every bad thing I ever said (or merely feared) might happen to my country has happened. Including that the culture wars are now armed. And that half the population no longer knows the difference between what they watch on the boob tube and what’s really real. And that the other half isn’t too sure.

I type this not because I think it will make the slightest bit of difference, but to keep sitting up. Hoping that, if I stay vertical, inspiration might come. Light appear. And so I can hope against hope that my country is not this broken. Broken beyond repair.

So I can keep hoping that something, anything, can be done.