The rest of the world should declare war on us …

global warming

and take out our current Commander in Chief. Or least take away his cell phone. I certainly wouldn’t blame the world’s other countries for lining up against us if the global disaster called Trump (as rumored) pulls the United States out of the Paris Agreement today. This will put our nation in rarefied company … with only Syria and Nicaragua as fellow non-signators … among the world’s almost 200 countries.

Syria has been busy the last six years, so it is understandable that it hasn’t gotten around to signing. Nicaragua refused to sign because it felt that the Agreement’s regulations were not STRONG enough.

There is also the small independent state of Ijadaiatdgmm near Burptown in Kentucky, which is composed primarily of retired coal miners and Southern Baptists over the age of 50 and which is seeking independence from the rest of America, Ijadaimites believe climate change is a hoax and worry that a reduction in carbon emissions may delay the Rapture. NOTE: Their proposed nation name is an acronym for I’m Just as Dumb and Ignorant as the Day God Made Me. Also not signing are Randy Quaid and his wife, who believe that the Paris Agreement is a veiled attempt to get them to pay back taxes.

Rex Tillerson urged Trump to keep us in the Agreement. So did the current heads of Exxon Mobil and all other oil and gas companies, car companies, etc. (Although that may have been smoke and mirrors to disguise their own guilt in creating global catastrophe.) So did North Fucking Korea for Christ’s sake. But we have a President who emulates Slim Pickens and wants to ride Destruction all the way down while yahooing and waving his combover.

Twice this week I dreamed that Trump’s election had been “fake news” and we had a real President again. Then I woke up.

I Hope This Happens …


Science March on Washington

And I hope that prominent scientists from around the world join U.S. scientists in a march on Washington. It’s important to make the point that America’s greedy, bone-headed, baseless anti-science bias is not only destroying our own country but everyone else’s.

Never ratifying the Paris Agreement, putting a ban on outgoing communications by EPA and other science departments, and nominating an oil robber baron (Rex Tillerman of Exxon/Mobil) as Secretary of State are the kinds of things that make so many other countries hate and fear the U. S.

Their hatred and fear comes from dreading what fresh dangerous, destructive, shit move we’ll pull next … not because we’re “free.”

Besides, I’m not convinced we are free anymore. This is not the nation I was born to.

The GOP leadership knows climate change is real …

and that a lot of its principal causes are manmade. Yet they still do shit like this.


One reason is that keeping hard science information down to a minimum, especially such information coming from within the government itself, provides their lies and denials more ballast. And pleases those voters back home who really believe that the world is only 5,300 years old. And that Jesus had a baby brontosaurus for a pet.

But the main reason is because so many of the bosses they truly serve (not to be confused with constituents, whom they are morally bound to serve but whom they screw on a regular basis) are in the oil and gas industry. Or ancillary industries that profit from or depend on oil and gas. The Koch brothers are the prime example, but pretty much everyone who continues to get rich off Old School energy donates big to the GOP.

The GOP leadership knows what climate change is doing to the planet. They know that  its our fault. And yet they persist in helping to destroy our ability to sustain life on Earth. And someone should tell Trump that climate change is the greatest threat to our “borders,” not the absence of a wall. Most of southern North America and South America will be heading our way when their countries become uninhabitable, unable to sustain crops. they won’t be stopped by a few bricks. And a lot of American “rapists” and “murderers” will be seeking refuge … from the December heat … in Canada and points further north.

Speaking of government reports, the above scenarios are just a few of the reasons that the Pentagon named climate change – not ISIS –  the greatest threat to U.S. security.

The GOP leaders know all this. So do the CEOs and CFOs and major stockholders of every company in the energy industry. Yet, from all reports, they are all able to sleep at night.

How? How do they sleep? And how can any of them ever look at themselves in the mirror without experiencing revulsion? They can’t all be sociopaths. Can they?